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The Lazy Daisy is a special place created for a very special reason …


The Story of The Lazy Daisy

Hi Everyone! I would like to take a minute to express my gratitude and appreciation for something very special to me. I am blessed to share the story behind The Lazy Daisy. In 2011 the very first Daisy was opened. This was on a total whim and a complete leap of faith for me. I never imagined it would turn into what it has today.

In August 2011 my life was changed forever in an instant. My precious son Morgan was tragically killed at seven years old. Morgan and his father, Scott, were victims of pointless violence. A total stranger took their lives. I went from having a perfect life, so full of love and laughter, hectic, busy days full of working, running, typical fun family chaos to NOTHING. A complete stand still. NOTHING MATTERED. I lost everything. My home, my pets, I left my job. I hit rock bottom.

One day, I was driving thru Chester as I have done a million times before and the same building that I had passed every day for so long caught my attention. The sign in the window FOR LEASE stood out like a bright light to me. NEVER had I even thought of opening a store. But now, it hit me that this is what I wanted to do. I called the number on the sign and the landlord came out and met me right away. Right then. I explained that I had nothing and wanted to do this and he gave me that chance. I called my mom and said “what do you think about me opening a store?” She said what kind of store? I said I don’t know.. a country gift store.. with pretty things and painted furniture?! She said, “You should do it!!” We quickly started painting walls and gathering goodies and had lots of Christmas trees and ornaments (since it was so close to Christmas) and filled the small store to the brim!! It was my calling!! I absolutely dove into creating this store, 24/7, consuming myself with it. IT WAS MY THERAPY. My survival.

It wasn’t long before a customer asked me if I would consider renting our a small space, maybe a wall to an artist. I thought, Wow!! How cool would that be!!? I didn’t know or never even thought that maybe other people would want to do that!! So I did! I rented a small space and had a vendor!! Before I knew it I rented the upstairs of the Chester Daisy and each room was a new awesome variety filled with treasures by vendors! Then I expanded to the downstairs where my amazing husband John (AKA Mr. Daisy) built walls and we created many more vendor spaces! Expanded three more times at that location and decided to grow and open a second store in Midlothian! I couldn’t believe it!! Just this simple idea to create a happy place had turned into something so remarkable! A year and a half later we opened our THIRD location in Short Pump, and now in 2017, our FOURTH in Williamsburg!!

Our Logo

Not too long after the Daisy opened, I had the most beautiful gift created and given to me … a new logo for the store. This logo that John created is so special and dear my heart. It is an actual photo of Morgan blowing a dandelion in a field of daisies We have made it our mission to put that sweet face on as many things as we can and make sure his legacy lives on thru the Daisy. The Daisy is so full of love and inspiration felt by so many. It has TRULY changed lives Every vendor at the Daisy is so special and unique and have so many stories to tell themselves about how this special store has changed their lives. I will NEVER give anything less that 100% of myself to this. This is my life and I will work tirelessly to continue to make it grow

Thank you for taking the time to read this .. I know it was long winded, but I could go on and on Love you guys xoxoxo ~ Michelle

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